Distributed .NET microservices architecture with Kubernetes in the cloud
My presentation from .NET Fringe 2016 in Portland, Oregon.

fsharp cassandra kubernetes docker architecture
Mastering Cassandra on Docker with FSharp
My presentation from FSharpConf 2016 and conference in Redmond, Washington The talk was about mastering Cassandra on Docker with FSharp.
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fsharp cassandra big data docker functional programming
Machine learning with F# and Accord.NET
My presentation from DevDay 2015 and .NET Unboxed conferences in Krakow, Poland and Dallas, USA. The talk was about machine learning with F# and Accord.NET.
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I have also spoken at QCon in San Francisco with the same topic.
fsharp machine learning mathematics accord.net functional programming
Reactive-interactive approaches to visualization of F# jobs
My presentation from Progressive .NET Tutorials 2015 conference in London, UK. The talk was about various approaches to dynamic visualization with F#, SignalR and JS.
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You can watch the talk on the SkillsMatter page here.
fsharp visualization signalr mbrace functional programming
Embracing Clouds!
My presentation from .NET FRINGE conference in Portland, OR. The talk was about functional approach for cloud computations and big data using F# language and MBrace framework.
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The full talk is here:
fsharp functional programming mbrace cloud azure brisk monads

Data-intensive, distributed, cloud-native systems

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